Our Mirror Materials

Impact Vanity’s high-quality mirrors are made by using only high end materials and a special process during glass production that creates clearer glass with fewer impurities and blemishes. Our Impulse line of LED lighted mirrors are created using an even higher quality version of our silver glass mirrors, creating a stunning “HD” effect unlike any other mirror on the market.

We opt to use a thick silver coating on our mirrors vs. the sub-standard aluminum coating, which many other companies use as it is less expensive to manufacture.

Lesser quality mirrors made with aluminum coating or other material will also be prone to having more flaws and are known to distort your reflection, while at the same time having an overall “duller” look.

Our high-quality thick silver coating mirror was made with this material to result in a better appearance than aluminum, but we took it a step further. We opted for extra seal coatings in the manufacturing process, giving off an even brighter, clearer, and sharper reflection than mirrors that use a standard silver coat.

We also add a safety seal that will prevent glass from scattering if the mirror is broken and go the extra mile to ensure our frames, bulbs, and electrical components have the same high standard of quality that we demand from the mirror glass itself.

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