How We Got Started

The Story of Impact Vanity

The Story of Impact Vanity

It all started with a collaboration on a special project. “My brother wanted to make a handmade, custom gift for his girlfriend’s birthday,” Impact Vanity owner Jason says when recalling how the business began.

“He asked for my help and together we hand-built a custom lighted mirror frame and mirror. We had a blast, and she loved it. Better yet, all of her friends wanted one when they found out about it. That day, Impact Vanity was born.”

“The primary goal, even before there was a business name on the horizon, was clear: Build a slim, unique, high-quality, lighted vanity mirror,” Jason says. “After 5 months of trial and error, I finally came up with the design of our first model. Then began our long, 16 hour days of building from scratch and continuing to perfect different models of our mirrors.”

Hearing Jason tell the story, you can feel his pride in the fact that Impact Vanity was a business that began as a great gift idea and was built into something amazing.

Although Impact Vanity began in the basement of a home, we’re now a Michigan-based company with warehousing and manufacturing locations. We professionally design, build, sell, and ship all of our mirrors directly to our valued customers, and we’re always working on new ideas and making exciting upgrades to our mirrors so we can offer the best in the market.

We focus on bringing the best lighted vanity mirrors to market, made with only the highest quality materials and standards of production. Our customers love their Impact Vanity mirrors, and when you get one, we know that you will, too!